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20% of submited websites are not eligible for improvements


"Hero image replacement increased our sign-up rate by 11%."
Marko R., CEO, ReAim

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$200 investment for returned is ROI of %

See the transition

BEFORE: Financial websites lack trustiness.
AFTER: See the difference after only the background image is replaced. Everything else is the same.
BEFORE: Generic denim brand.
AFTER: The brand story is added, and you can immediately see how the denim looks like.
BEFORE: Unknown product dominates the page.
AFTER: You get the brand story first. Now it is obvious what the website is all about.
BEFORE: Nice text without much meaning.
AFTER: Putting identical text in context, next to the product video. Any difference?

One of methods we use in optimization is Simon Sinek’s the Golden circle (TED talk, 8M). We discover it works great on websites. Typical starter mistake is that people don’t understand WHAT is website about.

For more advanced websites, WHY is hidden too deep. homepage headline says “Payments infrastructure for the internet” (WHAT). But do you know what their WHY is? It’s supercool “Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet”. But you probably never heard of it, because it’s hidden too deep.


Never underestimate AIDA (Attention-Interest-Decision-Action).
This century-old model works for websites because of it's linear
and hierarchical structure, which matches the web page structure.

One of the places where you would never look for it is Apples product pages. Every Apple product page is matching AIDA.

The best guy to learn about it from is the legendary Gary Halbert


8 things I know about web design after
doing it for 20 years

  1. Install or a similar website recording tool and see live how people interact with your website. It's a total mind-blow!
  2. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Don't complicate it, don't invent revolutionary features, don't make it too simple. People would not figure it out.
  3. Three seconds. Including website loading time. That's all you have to grab people's attention.
  4. Your navigation is the main list of your website features. Spend a lot of time thinking which 7 items you choose to put there, in which order to put them and how to name them.
  5. The Homepage is still the most important page on the website. Spend 80% of your effort there. Trillions are lost in sales due to a homepage that does not use its full potential.
  6. If you go now and only change your headline on your website, you can increase conversion without touching anything else. If you include Simon Sinek's WHY, HOW, or WHAT thinking into your headline, you hit the jackpot.
  7. Never use dark patterns on your website or app. People are not stupid.
  8. Have the I know that I know nothing mindset. Implement and test every idea. After you put it live, another one would come. Digital product, be it website, web app, mobile app, social media or branding, is a never-ending job and a gold mine to increase revenue massively.

Our mission is to increase the conversion rate of the whole Internet.

We calculated that if the conversion rate for the whole Internet is increased by 0.1%, that is another $2.3 trillion dollars in revenues per year.

We made our price affordable to everyone and with fantastic ROI, every website on the Internet should be optifriended.

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20% of submited websites are not eligible for improvements